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Jul 28, 2011 ... Rook is played with a deck of 56 numerical cards and the unique Rook bird card. The game is ... Learn how and where to play Rook online.

Playing Rook on Your PC. 4 Replies. Growing up, Rook was the game we played the most in my house. I had three older brothers (8, 10, and 12 years older), and when they would come home for the holidays, we would always play Rook. Rook was also played by my cousins. Blackbird - Apps on Google Play This game is similar to the classic ROOK® card game*. Compete against the computer in this classic trick-taking game. Bid aggressively for the chance to declare trump. Take tricks with pointers to reach your bid or you’ll get set! Play with two widely different rule sets (Kentucky Discard or Western Wyoming) or create your own set of rules to play with any of these options that can be on or ... How To Play Rook Card Game Online For Free! - YouTube

You can now play Rook on your PC or online for free! Hasbro has put out Parker Brothers Card Games for Windows (Mac and Unix users like myself are out of luck), which lets you play Rook and other Parker Brothers favorites by yourself or with strangers.

Rules of card games: Rook - Here is an archive copy of Peter Dutton's Rook page, which had a useful collection of information about Rook, including where to obtain cards and Rook software. Rook software and online games. Mystic Island includes an online version of Rook under the name Parrot, and offers tournaments, some of which are in Duplicate format. Several play ... Rules to Play Rook, a Card Game That Everyone Enjoys » Free Online Games » Miscellaneous » Kids » Babies Playroom.Game description of Babies Playroom: Design the babies playroom in a way you like. - Rook - How To Play Online Free - Rook ... : Rook - Rook-Online is a free 4-player bidding and trick-taking partnership card game. If you are put off how to play the maddeningly complex bidding rules of bridge, but desire more of a challenge than hearts or spades, then Rook is the game for you. How to Play Rook: 15 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

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