Dry board vs wet board poker

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Dry Board - Definition of the term Dry Board - Poker Terms A dry board in poker refers to a flop that is not a coordinated (and and most likely safe) grouping of cards. Wet Board - Definition of the term Wet Board - Poker Terms A wet board in poker refers to a flop that has a highly coordinated (and potentially dangerous) grouping of cards.

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The Dry Board/Wet Board Paradox You might assume that if players are c-betting many dry flops based on the idea that it’s hard for their opponent to hit the flop, on wet, connected boards, c-betting frequencies would be lower for the opposite reason: With the opponent more likely to hit a wet board, one might tend toward fewer c-bets, or at ...

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Postflop Poker Strategy: Notation. Dry Board Texture. Wet board texture. Continuation betting. Example 1: A Good Spot To CBet.Dry board textures are ones which the players in the hand are less likely to have connected with the community cards.

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